about me.

Sydney wearing a rainbow shirt at the highline in NYC

I was born and raised in NYC and graduated with a BA in Studio Art and Computer Science from the University of Rochester in 2021. I have been featured in multiple student exhibitions between 2017 and 2021 at Sage Art Center in the As Is Gallery. In 2021 I completed a solo thesis exhibition at the University of Rochester.

I often use found materials, paper, and textiles to create multi-media sculptures and installation pieces. My practice addresses function, consumerism, gender, and other ideas constructed by our society. With my art I aim, but consistently fail, to dismantle these flawed systems. I put myself at the center of my ideas and questions my place in the world. My art expresses my current obsessions and anxieties that are keeping me up at night. Material and process are crucial to the meaning behind my work. I often incorporate bright colors and soft materials to create tension with the darker themes and criticisms explored in my art. I believe that the past life of a material adds meaning to my work because of this I almost exclusively uses materials found around my house or bought second hand. This is intentional and grounds my work in the criticism of consumerism.