I aimed to craft my ideal life out of small pieces of scrapbook paper. The smaller I crafted the less control I had and the harder it was to make it perfect. No matter how hard I tried there will always be mistakes. The front only shows half the picture, in order to craft my ideal life I couldn't avoid the realities revealed by the back of my crafts.

​I created scenes of things I struggle with and that are linked to my depression. Hygiene, sleeping, eating, being happy, cleaning, and being productive. My inability to consistently do these normal activities is always on my mind. Through this project, I am trying to take control over those aspects of my life by making little versions of them - almost like a marionette doll. I wanted to create a version of me that is successful at these activities. I predicted it would be futile and that there would be obvious imperfections in the crafts due to the lack of control because of the scale I was working at. It wasn’t until creating the pieces that I noticed that the back of them shows an important part of the picture.​ The parts of our lives that we painstakingly cut up and glue together are just what we show to the world, there is a lot that can be hidden behind that front.