One of the main questions I got out of this project was, "what does it mean to function?" I often struggle to "function" as expected, but I am also "high-functioning". These are words I want to explore more. "High functioning" is a term often used for people with mental illness or disabilities. I think this term is rooted in a false idea of what it means to function as a human and I want to explore that through my art.

I want to take a more abstract perspective this time and explore the functionality of certain objects by taking away their function and attempting to "repair" it. Usually, with my art I think I try to hard to answer questions. For this piece, I want to make the viewer ask questions that relate to the function of these objects. What was the function of the object before I manipulated it? What is the function of this new object? Does this modification change its value? What does it mean to fix, mend, or patch up something? How does the function change once you fix it? Etc. I also chose to work with single-use items because I wanted to explore the functionality of items that are designed to only be used once.

Item 1: A almond milk carton. For this object, I slashed it open which meant that it was no longer able to hold liquids which is its intended purpose. I then restitched it together leaving holes and gaps. It ended up having an almost Frankenstein style stitching which I think is really interesting. Overall I think this is the most successful out of the three.

Item 2: A Ziploc bag: For this item, I took away its ability to create an airtight seal with the ziploc. I then added a button closure to the bag. It still works as a bag, you can open and close it with the buttons. I really like the idea behind this item because I think it is almost ironic to use something like buttons for a ziploc bag, but I think the execution could have been better.

Item 3: A grocery bag: For this item I added a fabric patch to a hole in the plastic bag. This repair was surprisingly the most successful of the three. The bag could totally be used and the fabric actually made it stronger. I really struggled to photograph this piece. Again I like the idea of this but I don't think the execution was the best. I know wish I chose a different fabric scrap. I also think it would have been better if I actually used a plastic bag and mended it every time it was damaged. Then I could document the whole process and the transition of a plastic bag to a fabric patched up bag. But that can be for another project.